Nanoview from CBI-electric

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Published 20/07/2023

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Nanoview from CBI-electric allows consumers to monitor energy and water consumption

CBI-electric: low voltage has launched an exciting new energy and water monitoring device suitable for household as well as commercial consumers. With the rise in electricity costs, the current drought and the drive to greener living we all need to adjust both our energy and water consumption habits.

Recently receiving much acclaim at African Utility Week, the newly launched CBI-electric NanoView allows individuals to easily manage their electricity and water usage. By displaying live data in both monetary and consumption terms (i.e. energy in W and kW; and Water in litres and kilolitres) the user can quickly determine which appliances not only use more energy, but also which appliance cost the most to operate. With this data on hand the customer can now make energy wise decisions. The cumulative usage mode on the Monitor displays consumption for the past day, week or month and is a great tool to manage your budget and evaluate your progress in achieving a greener lifestyle. The NanoView is the ideal tool to educate the whole family in greener habits and manage their water and energy consumption more closely.

The NanoView allows for realtime and accumulated historic consumption data of up to 16 circuits and 4 water meters. It has user selectable names to identify circuits such as plugs, lights, geyser, stove, outbuilding (flatlet, lapa), pump (pool, borehole, A/C), water and then provides for total consumption.

It has an iPod® inspired modern touch button interface and a real time high consumption warning LED. The high consumption warning is customer-set, based on customer energy saving goals.

For energy monitoring the unit can be connected to up to 16 power circuits with a sensor measuring range of 5 W - 14 kW (60A max). The Monitor has a power sensor accuracy of 99% (Class 1) and an operating Voltage of 230 V AC ± 20% at 50 Hz. With a 1 second refresh rate, it has a 24-hour battery backup for timekeeping. An added benefit is that consumption data is saved indefinitely during power failures.

The NanoWater provides for up to 4 water meter transmitters with a range up to 100m. The water meter has a 3-year battery life (displayed). It has a 1 litre accuracy and is compatible with a number of popular water meter brands including the Elster Kent V110 and the Precision Meters ASM as well as most reed switch capable brass and plastic water meters.

There are consumption graphs for each circuit and water meter every hour for the last 24 hours; day for the past 2 weeks; week for the past 7 weeks; month for the past 12 months; and calendar year for up to 5 years.